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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Where do I even begin? The Big Apple exceeded all expectations by ten fold. We accomplished almost everything one can do as a tourist in this city, which is why I'll divide our trip into 2 sections of excursions and one to satisfy the foodie within us all! Follow along on our journey of all the top tourist spots and unique experiences:

Day One:

MoMa: Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan. Modern and contemporary art are my absolute favorite and this place has some of the best I've seen!

The famous "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh.

The Beatles tribute wall.

A tribute to refugee camps all round the world.

"One: Number 31" by Jackson Pollock. This piece is absolutely massive!

You can save some money by purchasing a "Rock Moma" pass that gains you access to Top of the Rock after the Museum. We opted for this over The Empire State Building this time. However, in order to know which is truly better, I will have to check out both at some point and let you know. Guess this means we have to go back - bummer ;)

View of Central Park from the north side of Rockefeller Center:

And a view of the rest of Manhattan from the south side:

Even though it was quite cloudy, early November seems to be absolutely ideal. I expected to wait in huge lines for top excursions like this. We waited in none!

Day Two:

What would a trip to New York be without getting up close and personal with Lady liberty herself? Our tour was called "Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island & Battery Park with Pedestal Access" by Walks of New York and it was absolutely PERFECT in every way.

Such a beautiful cityscape from our boat as we headed out to the islands!

More than 12 million immigrants arrived in America through Ellis Island and 3 in every 100 Americans today can trace a relative who came through here.

The rest of our day took us trough the Financial District where we saw the likes of the Trump Tower, New York Stock Exchange and the famous Charging Bull on Wall Street!

Finally, we made our way over 1 World Trade Center and Ground Zero. It is so surreal visiting this place. In such a loud city full of hustle in bustle you cannot hear a sound or voice as people are silently paying respect to those we lost on September 11. It cannot be described.

Day Three: My Birthday!

We started this day out at Laduree for macarons (which I will discuss in my food post) before heading to The Metropolitan Museum. "The Met" is the largest in the Unite States! It houses both art and historical objects and can take hours to explore.

My favorite part of this museum is the armory room which contains weapons and armor used throughout the years in countries all of the world.

From there we took a stroll through beautiful central park where to Loeb Boathouse where we rented a rowboat for a romantic drift through the lake and under the famous Bow Bridge.

From there we continued or exploration of the park by walking through Strawberry fields which is dedicated to the memory of former Beatle John Lennon. Street performers played Beatles songs and artists sold handmade tribute items. There was a lot of love to be felt in this area of the park from fans even after 36 years of his passing, it's absolutely amazing.

Stay tuned for my next post of days 4-7 and then for all of the yummy eats soon after that!

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