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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Hi everyone, I know it's been over a year since our New York trip but I had already started this post so here we go! I'm going to spend the rest of December catching up on 2017 travel posts for a fresh start in the new year. Let's get started with the second half of our amazing trip to The Big Apple:

Day Four:

I cannot say enough positive things about New Museum! It is a fully submersive, sensory experience you have to see to believe. Pictured above is "Pipilotti Rist, Pixelwald (Pixel Forest)" from the American Sign Language (ASL) Tour.

Katz Deli is a staple eating establishment for any trip to New York and also holds a special place in my husbands heart from his childhood. I would say if you HAD to choose between here and Carnegies, I would choose here for sure. It has a real local and hustle/bustle city vibe that was definitely a treat!

After filling our tummies, we took a nap at the hotel and got ready to see Aladdin on Broadway at the historic Amsterdam Theater which was built in 1902! This performance was absolutely terrific and I highly recommend it. Luckily, for anyone in the Los Angeles Area, this show is actually doing a tour here in 2018 from January through March at the Pantages Theater- You can get your tickets at Vivid Seats. Please please please go see this, you wont regret it I promise!

Day Five:

We spent the day meandering through Chelsea Marketplace, ate at John’s pizza on Bleecker Street and wandered along The Highline all in anticipation for Sleep No More in the evening. After enjoying at cocktail at The Standard (best FREE view in Manhattan IMO) we made our way to the McKittrick hotel for the most brilliant artistic experience of my entire existence. “Grade: A." "Wickedly wonderful. A unique evening that engages all the senses. A brilliant production! Transformative. An unusually enlightening evening of entertainment.” Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly

Blood on my shoulder from being bumped into by the actor playing McBeth - If that's any indication of how AWESOME this is!!

Day Six:

Started by taking the train down to Coney Island, which was unfortunately closed for the season (BOO!) but we we still made the most of it and got some cool pictures, a hot dog and a beer.

From there we spent some time in Brooklyn walking through prospect park, which give Central Park a dang good run for its money! After eating some prime-rib perfection at the famous and highly-rated Peter Luger Steakhouse , we got to witness election night in Times Square which was both extremely exciting and terrifying...

Day Seven:

Just spend the day wandering around Manhattan hitting anything else we missed including: Midtown comics, Bryant Park, The Public Library

and Grand Central Station where we got to enjoy some last minute Shake Shack before heading home :)

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